6 ways to walk to stimulate metabolism

6 ways to walk to stimulate metabolism, instantly beautiful body, lose weight quickly. Walking stimulates metabolism. It is undeniable that “walking” is part of our daily routine. Some people use walking for health care, such as walking to work, walking up stairs instead of taking the elevator. Walk and talk to your coworkers instead of using the intercom. The health columnists at health.com have some great tips if you’re a walking enthusiast and want to optimize your walking for better results. You should definitely read this article.

walk up hill

Walk on sloped ground or if running on a treadmill, set the slope to a level that feels more tired It burns 67% more calories than walking on a flat floor, which is quite a number.

step faster

It feels like a cardio workout. It can increase calories burned from 150 calories in 30 minutes to 190 calories in 30 minutes. This method, in addition to stimulating metabolism, is excellent. It is also good for the cardiovascular system and the heart as well.

use the application

Nowadays, there are many health-related applications out there. Plus many brands have made it out to use for free. Feel free to download and try it out. Whether it is a motion recording app The app reminds you to move your body. An app that teaches easy exercises, these technologies will help you stay informed.
daily exercise Know what to add or add to help burn more calories.

Remind yourself every hour

If you work in a busy office all the time Even if you set aside time each day for exercise But moving during the day is essential. Because it reduces the chances of having office syndrome, stress and obesity. Try setting a timer to remind yourself every hour to get up, walk around, go to the bathroom, drop off work, or stretch at your desk. to increase the efficiency of the circulatory system.

Challenge a colleague

Try creating a game for coworkers, boss, or subordinates, such as a step counting game, using the pedometer app built into your smartphone. to compare each week that Who walks the most in the office? That person might be rewarded with a free lunch from a coworker, guaranteed to increase your enthusiasm, fun, and super health.

Add other exercises

If there is a chance to walk around the neighborhood or in the park I recommend you to stop by the long bench. Use two arms to hold the backrest. Then do 10 to 15 squats, lunges, or sideways swings before continuing. This will increase strength and strengthen muscles. Helps burn calories better.

weight loss main dish

If we eat rice in a round plate, divide it in half, half of which is a vegetable. The other half is divided into two equal portions, 1-4 of the plate is carbohydrates and the other 1-4 of the plate is protein.

Eating food in proportion to that. It is necessary to maintain a balanced daily diet, for example.

Vegetables, in addition to having various vitamins and minerals, also contain dietary fiber. Consuming fiber in each meal will help you feel full faster, fuller for a longer time, not often hungry.

Protein   is another nutrient that affects satiety as well. Because when we eat foods that contain protein. Protein maintains the increased sugar levels over a 3-4 hour period and then gradually decreases. While a diet high in carbohydrates will increase your sugar levels by 2 and a half hours and then go down.

From the picture you can see that protein foods will help keep blood sugar levels from rising suddenly. different from those in the diet that does not contain protein. Protein helps us feel full and stays longer. Not hungry or wanting to eat and sip all the time.