Early warning signs of diabetes.

Seen as a man small, thin woman body, it’s unbelievable that a lot of people have diabetes. Because diabetes doesn’t show obvious signs of being overweight. No matter what shape you are in, you can develop diabetes.

  1. The gums are inflamed and infected.

The gums are parts of the organ that can be easily damaged by the base of the teeth used to chew food. The more whenever our blood sugar levels are high. The wounds in the gums are even more inflamed. and easily infected It’s also more difficult to recover than usual.

  1. mottled skin

especially in the back of the neck You may find that your skin tone is uneven. There is a patch of black. or uneven skin tone as usual It is a sign that indicates a malfunction in the function of insulin. or in a state of insulin resistance causing the body to lose hormones that the body uses to regulate glucose levels until it can lead to diabetes UFABET

  1. Strange feeling in the soles of the feet

This strange feeling can range from a mild, tingling sensation of electric shock to a loss of balance when walking, standing, or to loss of any sensation at all. with things in contact with the feet Although this can happen to women who wear high heels for a long time, if you don’t wear heels It is assumed that the body has begun to send abnormal signals.