Factors that make weight loss ineffective

Factors that make weight loss ineffective. Many people have trouble losing weight for a while and then come back to gain weight and gain weight higher than before. Also known as the yo-yo effect. Which happened, how the doctor has an explanation.

 Factors that make weight loss ineffective

when we eat normally The metabolic rate will be at the same normal level every day. But if we lose weight by dieting Or eat very little food, the body will begin to reduce the metabolic rate in accordance with the amount of food.

Although this method can actually help you lose weight. But when we are satisfied with the numbers on the scale and go back to eating normally. Your body will not be able to increase your metabolic rate as suddenly as you put food in your mouth. Therefore, the metabolic rate is less like when fasting. As a result, the fat comes back because the remaining energy from the metabolism is not exhausted

Eat the same, more is value.

For this reason, the doctor would like anyone who is losing weight through the wrong fasting method to eat the same amount. But be more strict in choosing what’s on the plate:

from eating sweet fruit Switch to unsweetened fruits with high fiber content such as guava, rose apple, green apple. switch from eating white rice White bread is brown rice. High-fiber whole wheat bread Eat protein from various nuts. Do not skip protein foods. The key is to eat more vegetables.

Due to the fiber in vegetables In addition to making you full for a long time It also helps the body absorb sugar more slowly. Do not use energy from food that you eat quickly until the remaining fat accumulates. But if anyone is not used to eating a lot of vegetables. is to eat and flatulence It should start from eating half of fresh vegetables. half cooked vegetables It will help ease your stomach.

After reading it, I recommend you to start today. Who is doing fitness, try walking on a steep track. Ask your trainer for advice on strength-building exercises. or the easiest to follow Cheewajit magazine’s Facebook page because there are good exercise information to share every week.