How should I choose right running shoes?

How should I choose right running shoes?Not everyone is suitable for the latest running shoes, let’s take a look. What are some ufabet running shoes to consider?

right running shoes

Before buying, you must try running.

Don’t just wear and stand in front of a mirror, if possible, try running around the store. Or running as number 8 if there is no area Now, some stores have a running machine for customers to test before paying a purchase.

Notice the foot shape.

Try going to a store where an expert can tell you what your feet look like. A person with wide feet Or narrow, pointed, tapered, full fit, or high heels. Then let him recommend the best running shoes for you. Or read the article Know before you buy !! Additional running shoe weaknesses

Then put it, yes.

Notice how you like the response. I like wearing shoes and have strong bounce. Hugs the foot Or feel dizzy like running barefoot Choose a pair that best suits your personality or running style.

Let your thumb breathe

right running shoes

There’s no need to choose the exact fit, just like when choosing a pair of walking shoes. Because running makes your feet swollen So try to choose the size that is left, the area in front between the toe and the thumb, an index finger.

Discard when expired

To prevent injury, replace your shoes every 600 – 1,000 kilometers depending on the surface condition you run, because worn -out running shoes are the top priority. Injury to runners So please cut your heart away. When you feel that you have worn pain in your muscles or joints