lactic-reducing foods Before exercise

lactic-reducing foods Before exercise. Lactic-lowering foods Athletes running, cycling, or triathlons have probably heard the term lactic acid . But for beginner athletes unboxing may not yet be familiar It is important to get to know lactic, including foods that reduce lactic acid. Before exercise for the benefit of long-term health care.

Lactic acid is a natural build-up of the body after intense or intense exercise. This is the time when the body is metabolic or highly anaerobic metabolism (anaerobic metabolism) , in which normal people at rest have 1 – 2 mmol of lactic acid per liter. But in exercise conditions, it rises to about 4 mmol, or even as high as 20 mmol, which follows after lactic rises to a certain point in medical practice known as Lactate threshold, or lag tolerance. Stick That each person is not equal That is, people do not exercise at all. The tolerance will be low. Make the body tired The muscle aches more easily and quickly than people who exercise, whether running, cycling, swimming, or triathlons.

Therefore, athletes will know how to run to loosen the lactic, such as slow running on alternating days with long running sessions. Which in here we will look at the lactic-reducing diet from exercise that is
  1. Water

Just 1 glass of clean drinking water every 2 kilometers running or walking. Will help break down lactic for the body Easy to expel It has been calculated that 250 cc to 450 cc of water should be equivalent to 1 – 2 boxes of milk before exercise and drink ufabet approximately 250cc of water every 20 minutes of exercise (equivalent to 10 minutes or 10 minutes per kilometer).

  1. Diet menu that is high in potassium

Will help in the process of fur Deliver oxygen to the muscles During exercise and helps reduce lactic acid can be improved, including pies, spinach , Kale , soup, radish , soup, tofu, mushrooms , steamed pumpkinIt’s sweet, steaming, coconut shakes, smoothies, too, Vol. Kado, Dried Prunes, Dried Raisins, etc.

  1. Good fats that are high in omega 3 and 6

Will help in the reaction Bring glucose for energy And reduce lactic acid in the body. Such as fried salmon , spicy tuna salad , garlic fried mackerel Using sunflower oil or oil or soybean oil for cooking

Foods rich in B vitamins
  1. Foods rich in B vitamins

To send a sugar molecule to muscle energy requirements, such as chicken, tuna , baked chicken breast (do not eat the skin), sesame , bananas , nuts, almonds , beans, and so on.

However, lactic acid is not a bad thing to harm your health. We can use it as a fitness index and to show the body’s metabolic rate. Because if you exercise regularly The lactic resistance is even higher. That shows stamina and health that gets stronger with consistency and dedication to practicing sports.