Lose upper arms easily with Push-up.

Lose upper arms easily with Push-up. The upper arm consists of many muscles, such as the forearm muscle (bicep) and the upper arm muscle (tricep) for the exercise to reduce the upper arm that are brought together today. Most of them are Bodyweight Training that focuses on using body weight. Those without equipment can easily follow the exercises.

Lose upper arms easily with Push-up


Push-up or push-up pose It’s a basic exercise that’s easy to do. This pose will develop the upper body muscles such as the chest, shoulders, upper back, as well as the biceps and triceps.

  • Push-ups begin with kneeling on the floor or exercise mat. Then place your hands on the floor with your fingertips pointed forward and shoulder width apart. 
  • Then use your hands to support your body and extend your feet behind you. Try to keep your torso, back, butt, and legs aligned. Which this pose to prepare for push-ups may be known as the plank pose (Prank).
  • Once your body is set up, slowly lower your body by bending your elbows out to the sides. Until your chest is about 5 centimeters from the floor, then push yourself back up to the plank position.
  • Repeat this same pattern 10-15 times.

during push-ups The body should be kept straight and in the same plane at all times. Do not bend your back, bend your back or raise your hips. Those who are just starting and cannot do this type of push-ups. You might try push-ups with your legs extended behind you. don’t have to raise your knees To help make pushups easier.