Lose weight by walking

Lose weight by walking, the most easy and effective way to try it.

Lose weight by walking Probably another way to exercise fat. Its Suitable for those who have a lot of weight And those who started exercising. Because the muscles are not yet strong. Therefore, the foundation must be laid to prepare for the heavier exertion.

Start from walking timer

Just a brisk walk around the house is considered a shocking heart. But if you want to walk more efficiently, you should timer 6 minutes and see how many meters you can walk. The length of each step is about 60 centimeters.

If asked why you have to walk the 6-minute timer, it is an easy test. Popularly made around the world When I get my own distance, take note of it. It is the principle of analyzing your own fitness. Doing more and more If there is a timer. You will have a goal so the xercise became more fun.

The average walking distance should be around 530-560 meters, but when you get older The average will drop to about 450 meters, if 80 years old, it will drop to 400 meters, but if you think that 6 minutes is less, walk briskly and not tired. Can walk again Walk at least 5,000 steps per day, guaranteeing a much slower pace. Or some people just walk for 6 minutes and get tired and then can take a break.

The brisk walking is helpful in stimulating the heart. As muscle building They also practice balance as well.

25-30 MINS Weight loss by walking BURN 175 CALS.

The faster you walk The more you burn. Try starting in the ufabet park with a slow walk to warm up for 5 minutes, then walk at the fastest possible pace for 10 minutes, walking as far as you can. Then walk back with a Brisk Walk, and near the start, slow down to a slow walk to cool down.


Walk 60 MINS BURN 350 CALS.

If increasing the walking time by one times the normal Metabolism will be doubled as well. Helps to have a slim figure, proportional to faster You can also set big goals. For themselves, such as running a half marathon Which walks are hours like this Must have a walking companion So that exercising in nature is not too boring

Did you know that walking friends help you burn faster?

Look for travel companions, inviting your family or close friends to go for exercise. Or looking for new friends on the road Including walking the dog as a friend All of them help you enjoy walking and exercising more. It also helps you to discipline your workout. Reduce the symptoms of procrastination as well.