Techniques for choosing dumbbells

Techniques for choosing dumbbells . It is a basic matter that all fitness lovers need to know. Which techniques are there Today we have the answer to tell you.

Techniques for choosing dumbbells Dumbbells to increase strength

1. It helps the body to be stable and energetic.

One study indicated that The upper arm muscles that are performed with a dumbbell are stronger than the barbell. Because lifting dumbbells has a more certain weight Which results in more muscle fibers as well Dumbbells are a popular device among health-conscious people with limited space.

2. Helps build strength

Lifting dumbbells inevitably forces the arms or legs to work. If one side is weaker than the other Dumbbells will give your legs or arms the same power. They will also have more arm and leg power in the next type of exercise.

3.Increase the speed of body movement

When the body gets stronger from the regular lifting of dumbbells. The result is faster body movement. This is because the muscles and joints during the dumbbell exercise will be more flexible. Thus making the organs In the body, moving fluently

Techniques for choosing dumbbells

4. Make exercise safer.

In case you lose your balance during lifting dumbbells Can be fixed by placing dumbbells down But if you play a heavier and larger device like a barbell, you lose your balance. You will be slower to put down. Which may result in injury

How-to choose dumbbells?

– If you are a beginner

Should start with a light dumbbell. If you’ve played it before Should add 25% more weight to the original dumbbell weight.

– Choose a weight that you think you are OK with.

Because if choosing a model that is too heavy The posture while lifting will be deformed. Therefore, building specific muscles may not be effective. Moreover, this may cause injury.

– If you want to increase your ability to lift weight

This may be achieved by lifting heavy dumbbells in a set of still-lifting dumbbells. But always remember that Do not overdo it Otherwise, your muscles may tire.

– If you can lift dumbbells of any size in the original set.

Without feeling tired This means that you can start lifting the next heavier set of dumbbells.

– Do not forget to listen to your body.

Keep listening to that Is it too heavy? You also need to take into account the type of posture you lift with ufabet dumbbells. How much weight should you lift in order to be the most effective exercise of your muscles?

focus eating nuts, fish, protein

Choose to eat protein from fish and plant proteins, such as various types of mushrooms, soybeans, green beans, red beans, black beans, or bean products such as tofu, agricultural proteins. Special attention should be given to low-fat proteins. Because if you choose to supplement protein from high-fat meats such as lean meats Will get fat to replace the muscle.