The exercise no word too late Even though I’m old

The exercise no word too late Even though I’m old.Some 50-year-old patients come to the doctor because of obesity, some back pain, which these symptoms can be treated. with exercise but already old Plus I’ve never exercised
before. How do I start? There’s an easy way to do it, try it.

The exercise no word too late Even though I'm old.

move often

If you’ve never exercised Let’s start with the 4 principles that the doctor has said in the previous editions.

  1. cardio or cardiac stimulation
  2. strength training
  3. stretch
  4. balance training

People who have never exercised at all will not be able to suddenly let them run. because they will be exhausted and hurt their knees until I don’t want to exercise anymore In the beginning, it should start with walking. If walking makes you tired, sit and rest, starting at 5 minutes at a time is enough. If you want to increase the time, add 5 minutes at a time.

Time at work If you sit at a table, move often, stretch yourself, twist lazily, or flex your legs 10 times every 1 hour. When your body moves often, you won’t feel tired. Along with getting up and walking for 1 minute every hour (if you can)

The older you get, the longer you sit, the more dangerous it is. Therefore, the older you get, the more you need to move. For example, if you are 55 years old, walk 1 minute every hour, 56 years old, walk 2 minutes every hour;
57 years old, walk 3 minutes, etc.

recommended like this because as the age increases, the body will deteriorate Especially the musculoskeletal system and
nervous system. If you walk less, your body will get worse and worse because the more you have to walk. will not have problems with broken hips, collapsing spine

That said, it’s management at work. but if at home To walk more would be good. morning or evening Or when going to eat outside near from the car that used to change to walk some. Or park the car far from the door so that you can walk a bit.

strengthen muscles with elastic

In addition to moving We also need to strengthen the muscles as well. But lifting weights from the first day may not be suitable for your age. Using equipment near the body, such as rubber bands that we used to play when we were children, bring hundreds to make elastic bands for pulling. It can build muscle strength. The rubber will be tied to the pole and pulled. Or you can use a rubber grip and pull the tire apart. Or when sitting at the desk, it is tied to the table. When stressed, it can be pulled and played in another way.

In the beginning, if you want to pull lightly, use one fold, do as much as your body can comfortably, if you want to add weight, fold the tire in two layers and gradually increase it.

Still able to fit even after age

Even though the age has reached the 5th digit, it’s not too late. This exercise I recommend It has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle, including the brain. If you sit for a long time, you don’t have the strength to get up. Sometimes I get up and feel that I have to stand for a long time to step out. That’s the muscles, joints you have problems But if starting from moving often

from sitting and getting up and walking walk every hour It’s like knocking on rust when exercising. The muscles work The heart is stronger because it squeezes more and the joints don’t stiffen. The joints get food to feed. The brain is stimulated More blood to every part of the body. Causing deterioration, slowing down aging, slowing disease, being a qualified elderly person. Then The self-esteem came back again.

Older people often feel When you’re old, it’s worthless. But people who exercise Your body will always be fit, your brain is good, your memory is good, your muscles are good and you can help yourself. Create benefits for many people around you.

Yesterday, the doctor met an 86-year-old patient, still diligently traveling, going and going, very strong, good memory. I’m happy to talk about my own story that I have traveled to many places. Or even talk about old things from 6 months ago that the doctor used to talk to him. He could remember that very well. is like this because walking diligently move your body regularly.