Weight training it’s very important to health.

Weight training it’s very important to health. Weight training, also known as weight lifting, is a very useful exercise. Because actually Lifting weights is not for muscle building. or for those who want to be in good shape alone because it also has various benefits for health as well.

Information from the health promotion work, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital states that Weight training, also known as Resistance training or resistance exercises, such as lifting weights that we can use various equipment Whether it’s dumbbells, barbells, rubber bands, or your own weight.

Many people think that weight training is about building bigger muscles. and think of the bodybuilder But not all of them are like that. Because playing weights also helps to strengthen muscles and make the body stronger, which means enhancing the efficiency of the body’s work as well. This does not have to make the body have a very large muscle size as many people understand.

Guidelines and Benefits of Weight Training

1. Starting from light to heavy, from easy to easy. Should start with light weights first, when getting stronger then gradually increase the weight in training more and from easy moves first. Practice lifting as a set. 10-12 reps, first practice 1-2 sets.

2. Weight training helps strengthen muscles. and when the body has more muscle mass Those muscles will make your body use more energy each day. Contributes to weight loss and keeping in good shape.

3. Strengthen ligaments and joints, resulting in better physical performance. Able to perform other types of exercise better, should do resistance training at least 2 times a week.

4. Weight training is a safe exercise that even the elderly can do. If done with the right posture Choose appropriate weights, do not use excessive weights and do not sway or use centrifugal force to lift weights, and do so with caution. For example, in the elderly, machine weight training may be chosen.