What should we eat before exercise?

     what should we eat before exercise? some people do not dare to eat before going to exercise. Because they are afraid that we will stop during exercise, but we should actually eat some food So that the body receives energy It allows us to exercise longer and improve exercise efficiency as well.

     Foods that should be eaten before exercise are those that contain protein and carbohydrates. Eating good protein before exercise This will allow us to obtain essential amino acids and help prevent long term muscle degradation. Carbohydrates are a source of energy that the body can draw for energy. Gives us strength to exercise As for the foods that should be avoided in eating before exercise are foods that are high in fat. Because fat makes us feel less energetic

1. Black coffee

     Black coffee helps to stimulate the metabolism. It helps to pull out the fat stored in the body and the caffeine in the ufabet coffee helps us to have more energy to exercise longer. But be careful not to drink too much, as this can cause your heart to beat faster than usual while exercising.

2. Low-fat yogurt

     It is known that yogurt is good for health. Because in addition to helping in matters of the digestive system Yogurt also contains protein that will help strengthen bones and teeth. It also helps build and maintain muscle mass during exercise.

3. Oats

     Oatmeal is a complex carbohydrate source that will help keep you full for longer and will also benefit your heart. Because oatmeal lowers blood pressure and strengthens the heart. That means that we can exercise more and not enough.

4. eggs

     Eggs are foods that are high in protein. Helps in strengthening the muscles When the body has more muscles It will make our metabolism work 2 times better than before. In addition to being pregnant. It is very useful and easy to find.

5. Bananas

     Bananas are a fitness-enhancing fruit that will make us exercise longer. Because it contains carbohydrates that will become energy and are consumed in exercise. Plus contains potassium that will help reduce muscle fatigue. This will make you not feel tired easily, sure enough.

6. Apple

     In apples, Quercetin is the most potent antioxidant. This substance will help us to exercise longer. It also helps reduce muscle inflammation, suitable for people who like to work hard, such as Weight Training.

7. Berries

     This fruit is rich in vitamin C that will help keep our body fresh and alert. Contains antioxidants that help keep our hearts healthy. It also has a low sugar content.