Why should we add plank training to exercise?

Why should we add plank training to exercise?The plank pose is often included in most core training programs. When we practice this exercise properly, in addition to training the core muscles. It also helps train the muscles of the shoulders and legs. It helps to increase the strength and stamina which are essential for long distance running. Reduce the chance of injury. But if we do not practice this exercise properly, it may injure the lower back muscles.

plank training

So how do we need to practice Plank in the right way, and how many seconds should I practice Plank? Today, we’re referring to Noam Tamir, owner of TS Fitness in New York, who says that the Forearm plank creates the greatest amount of strain on your muscles.

How to do the correct plank pose

plank training

Let’s start with the forearm plank, placing your elbows down on the ground with your elbows positioned under your shoulders.As you spread your legs as well, your back must be flat and your neck and head should be left in position. Feeling natural, put pressure on the elbows towards the floor, contract the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, core. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth. Do not hold your breath.

The benefits of plank training

We should practice Plank on the day of Cross-training. To prevent injury .Because it helps to make the muscles stronger And create tension for the core muscles When done correctly. This will benefit your back health and strengthen the core muscles.

The plank will help stabilize your core muscles and improve your running performance. The plank is also a basic move that is easy to train. Practice anywhere Without having to use any equipment as well

How long should I be in Plank ?

We would have received this information in different ways. Because everyone speaks differently, some say 30 seconds, others 2 minutes, or say make it as long as possible. There have been a lot of men and women who have been in the Plank position for more than 8 and 4 hours. But don’t worry, we don’t have to do that for that long. And the appropriate duration may be shorter than what your friends Think again

Research has shown that for most people, staying in a plank for 1 minute begins to induce resistance within the body. “But if you’ve had back pain before, keep ufabet practicing in 10-second increments. To reduce the risk of returning back pain.

There is no need to do the plank for too long, because if all of the muscles are really used, it will be impossible. It will become difficult to stay in this position for more than 20 seconds, and Noam Tamir suggests that you should practice 20 seconds at a time is enough.

Staying in Plank for too long does more damage than it does. If you stay in this position for 4 hours, it’s not a muscle training. But it will only become patience in this position. Getting fit is a matter of training in the right way. And it is simulated like a real life move. Planking for too long is unnecessary.