6 types of acne and how to care

6 types of acne and how to care Have you ever wondered what type of acne on your face is? And what should be the correct treatment for each type of acne? Today we invite the girls. Let’s get to know 6 types of acne along with the remedies that help the skin return to be smooth as before Let’s see what types of acne are there?

6 types of acne and how to care
1.Nodular Acne – Inflamed acne

Inflammatory acne is acne caused by bacteria entering pores with dead skin cells. Plus oiliness on the surface The appearance of inflamed acne is a hard, red and headless blister.

How to treat acne inflammation
Treatment of inflammatory acne can not be done by pressing it out. But can relieve inflammation by applying hydrocortisone But if symptoms do not improve Should see a dermatologist for further consultation and treatment.


Whiteheads are classified as clogged pimples. Can develop into large pustules Looks like white bumps under the skin. Caused by hormonal changes And the use of various products Fat

Acne whitehead
whitehead can be treated with topical containing Benzoyl peroxide because it reduces the blockage and open the pores, causing acne wash out easily.


Blackheads are often found in the T-zone. The black color of the acne is not caused by dirt. It is caused by clogged pores with dead skin cells. Including the oil on the face reacts with oxygen causing the acne to black.

How to treat blackheads
The treatment of blackheads is the same as the treatment of whiteheads. That is to apply a mixture of Benzoyl peroxide.


Pimples are caused by a lot of clogged pores. Until the skin begins to swell and become pustules As well as caused by infections of the hair follicles It causes acne, pustules, swelling, redness, and sensitivity to the touch.

How to treat pimples
For treatment of pustules, it is recommended to use an acne suction pad to absorb pus from the acne head. And never use your hands to squeeze or press it out by yourself Because it may allow the bacteria to spread to other areas Of the surface itself. If symptoms do not improve You should see a dermatologist for further treatment.

5. Cystic Acne –

Elephant pimples start out as small red bumps. Then enlarged into a solid block They resemble small, pus-filled cysts. Caused by severe inflammation in the hair follicles Therefore often causing pain when touched

How to treat
As for elephant head acne treatment, there is only one option. Get treatment from a medical professional And should not be treated on their own as it can lead to more severe inflammation.


These pimples have small red bumps and no pimples. Can develop into inflammatory acne Caused by bacteria clogging the pores.

How to treat acne with red bumps

For this type of acne treatment, we recommend applying benzoyl peroxide to the blisters because they are effective against bacteria.
When women know the cause of each type of acne. Along with the correct treatment What should be given great importance is Keeping the surface clean And avoid using hands to touch the surface In particular, squeezing pimples is a thing that should never be done.