Benefits of oranges.

In addition to the Benefits of oranges. Or squeezed into orange juice will help quench thirst. Helps to add freshness to the body make the body feel rejuvenated Oranges also have many Benefits of oranges : 

  1. Help build collagen within the body. Help slow down the aging of wrinkles.
  2. Orange helps to nourish the skin to have a natural glow. Keeps skin hydrated, not dry and healthy.
  3. Oranges help strengthen the immune system and reduce stress.
  4. Oranges help to prevent coronary heart disease. and scurvy
  5. Contain vitamin C. and collagen that helps in wound healing Helps wounds heal faster, such as burns, surgical wounds  
  6. Oranges contain flavonoids. that helps to prevent inflammation and helps prevent blood from clotting as well
  7. Vitamin C in oranges helps maintain healthy eyesight. It also helps prevent cataracts.
  8. For those who have problems with hair Beta-carotene is rich in oranges. Helps to slow down the deterioration of the hair. It also nourishes nails, skin, and strengthens capillary walls.
  9. Orange peels are full of essential oils. which can relieve dizziness It is also classified as a good mild laxative. It also helps in reducing cholesterol in the body. Helps to adjust blood sugar levels It also helps filter toxins in the liver as well.
  10. eating oranges daily It also helps UFABET prevent heart disease. Reduce the chance of cancer of the mouth. Stomach and larynx cancer. It also helps prevent paralysis as well.

Ideas for using oranges for health

In addition to oranges. It is an auspicious fruit to welcome the Chinese New Year. It is also considered a fruit that can be made into a variety of food and drink menus ever. Importantly, it can also be used for health as well.

  1. Orange peels can repel mosquitoes.  By bringing the orange peels to dry until dry and then bring it on fire. This will help create a pleasant smell that helps repel mosquitoes that are safe and healthy. And the smell of orange also adds freshness to the body.
  2. orange peel deodorant in the kitchen Bake the orange peels on low heat for 4-5 minutes, then leave the lid open in the microwave. This will make the aroma of orange peel from essential oils help deodorize unwanted food in the kitchen as well.
  3. aid digestion Serving meat dishes with orange peels It will help digest foods that are high in fat as well as ever. You can also chop orange peels into your menu while cooking them.
  4. Quench your thirst with freshly squeezed oranges. Then drink it to help relieve fatigue. refreshing and can drink to quench thirst in hot summer or during hot weather very well The vitamin C from oranges also helps to maintain a healthy body as well.
  5. beauty treatment Orange can be used as a raw material for beauty as well. Helps the skin to be white, clear, smooth and reduce dark spots to look faded. This can be done easily as follows: