Circadian Rhythms or Life Clock what is it?

Circadian Rhythms or Life Clock what is it? Earth’s orbit around the Sun Phenomenon that causes environmental changes in terms of light, temperature and foraging. Different during the day and night. All living things on this planet, including humans, use rhythms to orbit the Earth’s sun. to benefit each day causing adjustment, adjusting behavior to suit the needs of each day and night. We change for healthy.

Circadian Rhythms is processes occurring in the body be it physically or mentally Occur differently at different times, for example

  • Toothache will be less in the morning.
  • The check work is most effective in the evening.
  • Physical exertion pain begins in the evening.
  • A natural birth usually takes place in the early morning.
  • The accuracy of short or long servings in badminton during the day is more accurate than in the morning or in the evening.
  • The accuracy of the first serve in tennis in the morning is more accurate than during the day or in the evening. But the speed of the ball served in the evening is more than in the morning.
  • swimmer’s speed The evening is faster than the morning or the day.
  • Football skills, such as a volley ball or the speed of dribbling. high in the evening
  • Skill-based sports such as badminton, tennis, or soccer are best practiced by athletes in the morning. Sports that require physical strength are best in the evening.

Morning is a dangerous time for people with heart disease.

Myocardial infarction occurs more often in the morning. Occurs 2-3 times more often in the evening than in the early morning. Your systolic pressure and heart rate will increase. This causes the heart to need more energy and oxygen. But in the morning it is also the time when the contraction of the blood vessels that supply the heart increases. This leads to insufficient blood and oxygen supply, and this is against increased demand. It is the beginning of myocardial infarction.

Not getting enough sleep increases your risk of heart disease.

Social Jet Lag is the difference between waking up to an alarm on a workday and waking up naturally on a holiday. 

People who are affected by Social Jet Lag are more likely to be overweight, with it being found that every hour they are affected. It increases the 30% probability of being overweight. 

Life clock and age affect learning.

Children’s learning efficiency increases throughout the day. while adults will do worse. So for working people Therefore, he had to hurry to complete important tasks in the morning. Because in the afternoon the performance will be worse. according to report by ufabet