Drinking water to help reduce fat.

The best Drinking water for the body is plain water. It doesn’t have to be mineral water or water. That has added vitamins in any way, just choose the right time to drink more water only.

You should “drink water” to help reduce fat – increase immunity.

  1. after waking up

After the body has not drunk a single drop of water while going to bed for 6-8 hours (according to normal sleep time), we should drink immediately after waking up. to refresh the body animated. Reduce dizziness, dizziness, confusion due to dehydration for a long time. Therefore, after waking up, drink at least 1 glass of water (200 cc.) to replenish and refresh the body.

Tips for after waking up. Drink water immediately after waking up without brushing your teeth. because bacteria in the mouth after waking up that we drink to follow. It will help make the work of the digestive system better as well. UFABET

  1. during/after exercise

Exercise causes your body to lose more water through sweat than usual. Therefore, you should not allow your body to become dehydrated both during and after exercise. We should always sip a little water during exercise. Don’t let your body feel dehydrated throughout your workout. But should not drink the whole big glass of water. or run out of bottles at once because it can cause colic during exercise In addition to helping to improve the performance of exercise. It also reduces the risk of dizziness. and faint during exercise as well

Tips During and After Exercise. You can drink plain water, it doesn’t have to be mineral water. Because mineral water has high sugar, 1 bottle is about 6-10 teaspoons of sugar that we should get only 6 teaspoons per day. Mineral water is only suitable for people who exercise very strenuously. Drinking plain water is enough. You can drink cold water or room temperature water. But warm or hot water is not recommended. because it can cause the body temperature to rise