How depressed can be lighter by healthy food?

How depressed can be lighter by healthy food ?.Of course, a wide variety of situations arise today. Often affects the mind Until sometimes the girls There is a feeling of depression inevitably. Therefore making life go on very difficult But even then, it can be eliminated by eating foods that contribute to the maintenance of the body. Let’s see what kind of food there are.

How depressed can be lighter by healthy food?

1.Sea fish
, especially salmon, tuna, sardines, and herring. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids Which are fatty acids that are good for the body It contributes to building the brain in the parts that process feelings of satisfaction and happiness. More importantly, it also has an effect that can help reduce depression symptoms as well.

2. Eggs

, tryptophan and tyrosine are essential amino acids rich in eggs. And it is also an amino acid that acts as an antioxidant. Important when tryptophan enters the body Will help build serotonin Which is a substance that makes good mood and can also be converted to melatonin that contributes to better sleep.

3. Sour fruit
Citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C. Which this substance contributes to the absorption of iron And helps to transport oxygen to different parts of the body, resulting in the body feeling energetic And can also help quench the feelings of dullness and exhaustion as well Importantly, the scent of citrus fruits can stimulate the brain to wake up and feel better.

4. Bananas

because the body is in a mode of sadness. Caused by the blood pressure rises higher than normal. And the potassium rich in bananas has the ability to relieve blood pressure back to normal. Which in nutrition is considered a good natural sedative.

5. Mushrooms.
Various types of mushrooms contain high selenium elements. Is an element that stimulates the happy hormone While also helping to reduce frustration Be it fear, worry or pressure It’s also a great source of vitamin D that stimulates the happy hormone.

6. Nuts
Nuts Especially walnuts, pecans and almonds contain the amino acid tryptophan. Which is an acid that is essential to serotonin Which is a neurotransmitter that helps reduce depression And improve your mood It also contains magnesium. That helps to prevent damage to the heartbeat Prevents fatigue and insomnia.

7. Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants that stimulate blood vessel walls to expand. Thus allowing the blood to flow more easily And resulting in the body feeling relaxed

8. Curd or yogurt
Curd or yogurt is rich in probiotics. Which is a substance that helps to adjust the mood of a person as well Because probiotics help balance bacteria in the gut Thus resulting in a stable and better mood Because the bacteria in the gut are all influencing how we feel.

9. Cocoa
In cocoa contains over 300 compounds, all of which have a positive effect on brain chemicals. And some chemicals also increase the levels of endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Which helps to improve mood as well

Eaaepenwea girls Anyone who is in a depressed mood from the various situations they face, do not let themselves be sad for a long time. It may affect the health of the body, try to find these foods to eat together. Believed to be able to relieve depression symptoms quite well.