How to escape toxic Relationship ?

How to escape toxic Relationship ? Do you want to check yourself? If you are in a relationship with someone and feel that you have to keep holding on. Must always follow the needs of the other party Being intimidated and controlled to do or not to do whatever he wants until he feels insecure The more I love it, the more it hurts. And may be severe to the point of physical harm That’s it, you’re in a Toxic Relationship. So what should I do about this situation?

How to escape toxic Relationship ?

1. Accept the Truth

The first thing to do is to accept the truth. That the current relationship is not good with you at all. If it persists, it will only cause psychological wounds. Or it may be as severe as a physical injury to you only

2. Appreciate yourself

“My life deserves better.” Recite it up and use it to yourself when bad things come into your life. So that it reminds you of your self-worth And if we want to have good love We should have to love ourselves first.

3. Detoxification from life.

Step outside for the better and break up in this toxic relationship. If you know who is the person who spit poisoning to harm you, just step back. Importantly, the mind must be firm and not return to it again. Even though it smells sweet, in the end it will torture us.

4. Heals the mind with positive energy.

Make yourself happy again by being around positive people, doing things you love, doing things that you feel good about. And throw away the terrible feelings that had been received earlier Leave only a lesson that will help teach us not to go through such a bad day again.