How to recharge your body and mind for working

How to recharge your body and mind for working-age. Humans Reduce stress, reduce the risk of disease. Office workers like us have many duties and responsibilities. Some people may work hard to make progress. For family But whatever it is for, overwork (over 50 hours / week) can cause the mind to become sensitive and physically exhausted. It is easily accumulated stress and is vulnerable to various diseases. Have given advice to leave each other

How to recharge your body and mind for working

1. Fuel your mind

By practicing optimism Because when we have a positive attitude, everything will be fine as well. Encouraging yourself and others Will make us happy and fun to work

2. Re-energize your body

By exercising at least 30 minutes a day, eating nutritious food. Get enough sleep Because of our good physical health, it will result in the brain working at full capacity. Better learning and memory

3. Fulfill mindfulness

Meditate and train our mind to always be conscious. Because if we are conscious of all the stories that have come through Will make it possible to make better decisions Speak at the right time and act at the right time.

4. Fuel your thoughts

There is a principle of thinking in life, “think well, think well, think” learn to understand yourself and others. Share help others according to their abilities. Including finding opportunities to benefit society

5.Fill in the power of adaptation

Known to adapt to various situations in order to be able to adapt to changing social conditions. And live with others as well Able to deal with the problems we have appropriately.

6. Energize your life

Doing things you love to add to life in your life, such as doing activities with family members. Traveling, reading, watching movies, listening to music, planting trees, etc. will allow us to return to work refreshingly. And to create a good balance for life as well