Japanese-style dating

Japanese-style dating When Japanese people are dating, what do they do?.When Japanese people are dating, what do they do? Will it be nets like in a series or cartoons? Today we’re going to bring you a Japanese guy’s dating plans to read how they go on dates. And what do you think about doing these activities together?

Basically, Japanese people are less expressive, shy, and less romantic. (This one is up to people Sweet people It is more romantic than in cartoons), so the Japanese dating is simple. 

Diet-oriented dating

Because Japan is full of delicious food. Each season, the food menu is different. Therefore, young Japanese people are popular to go on dates in restaurants, coffee shops or confectionery shops to eat delicious food And exchange stories with each other.

Japanese-style dating

Some of the shops that are decorated beautifully, chic and chic with a nice view are often popular in dating. The place where most Japanese people go on dates are Italian restaurants. (I think Japan thinks it looks more chic than going to a Japanese restaurant like ramen or curry rice. Because Italian food in Japan is considered to be eaten everywhere Plus he didn’t want to come in and breathe the loud lines for the other party to see Plus it doesn’t easily mess up the shirt)

And then pretty coffee shops But if you make an appointment at night Working youngsters might go on a date at a restaurant and go on a second round at an ufabet izakaya (liquor store). Japanese taverns are not the kind of pubs like ours that play music and hit the hoops to get drunk. Yes But is a shop where everyone is chill Eat snacks and drink Angola to socialize and chat. (Some people who are weak or don’t drink, order another drink without alcohol. Go to talk and soak up the atmosphere)

Event date

Japanese-style dating

The advantage of being in a country that has four seasons is that there are various events. For example, in the summer there will be fireworks. In which Japanese people go on a date in yukata (Optional But if you put it on, it will create a greater impression.) Walk in search of delicious food In the shop at work. Such as Takoyaki, grilled squid, banana dipped in chocolate And then come to reserve a place to watch the fireworks And because of this work a lot of people Can cause the atmosphere “Hold hands so that you won’t get lost” too. When looking up at fireworks, the neck aches. Secretly leaned against each other, very sweet.

Japanese-style dating

Travel date

If it’s in the adolescent years, it is usually popular to go to the amusement park There are many amusement parks in Japan. Both Disneyland Disney Sea Where will Universal Studios Japan Whereever we look, there are many lovers. Because besides being a place to go with family, go with friends, Japanese people are also popular with fans. But just go on a trip and play, it doesn’t nets enough Therefore have to dress up to have a couple theme The main popular thing is to wear a high school uniform and wear hair bands, characters, and go on a date at Disneyland.

For people who do not like the excitement and the long queues May choose to go to a historical place such as Osaka Castle Go on a date with knowledge (And have you ♥) or go on a date at the zoo Aquarium Watch a cute dolphin show Plus the atmosphere is also romantic The cuteness of some Japanese women is when they go on a date at a tourist destination that has to be in it all day. Girls (who like to cook) make cute bento for their boyfriend to eat. Because in the tourist attractions of Japan, there is often a place where people can sit, relax, picnic and eat food everywhere. (Mostly carry a mat But some places have a table.)

Shopping dating

Some boys shake their head when they hear the word go shopping. But I want to say that some young Japanese men also like to go on dates like shopping!

Shopping that might not mean all day having to take the girls to walk and shop for clothes in every store. Must pay the purchase But means to look at different things together Without looking at only their own You don’t have to buy it. Just go see it together. Because most of the Japanese stores usually sell clothing items both for women and men. So when trying on clothes, it can be fun to choose at the same time.

If you go to a store that has a variety of interesting things (such as loft stores that sell home appliances When shopping, they can be used as a topic of conversation in conversations with an opponent. You can also know the sense and style of each other.

Dating based on hobbies and interests

Most of the hobbies that Japanese people have both men and women are. Go sit at a cafe, watch travel movies, etc.

If the two have the same hobbies They tend to go on dates in places where they can pursue hobbies together. For example, I like to sing. Went to karaoke If you like Japanese bands, go to concerts or music festivals together. But if the hobbies do not match Japanese people may choose to go to neutral places such as movie theaters, restaurants, and confectionery shops.

Dating style depends on the individual and the habits of each person. But most of the time, they are not dating with an eye-catching date. They do not have kisses in public or show love as other countries.