Carragher reveals which team he supports in the big match: Man City vs Arsenal.

Carragher reveals which team he supports in the big match: Man City vs Arsenal.

  • Manchester City will have an important program at home to welcome Arsenal this weekend.
  • Jamie Carragher, football guru, former Liverpool star, has clearly stated who he wants to win in this game.
  • The results of this pair of matches have an impact on our hopes for the league championship in the end.

Jamie Carragher, former defender of Liverpool. The giant club of the English Premier League, has admitted. That he wants Arsenal to win against Manchester City in the “Big Match” game at the Etihad Stadium this Sunday

Carragher  who now plays as an analyst, said: “I think even though Manchester City lost the game on Sunday. They can still win the league. Of course, ยูฟ่าเบท they can still win the league if they lose. But I think if Arsenal lose, I don’t see any way. How will they win the league?”

“For Liverpool, of course you want Man City to lose. But actually Pep Guardiola ‘s team still has a chance to win the league after that. From Liverpool’s point of view, you’re fighting against one team to win the title. I knew the score wouldn’t make much of a difference.”

 “But psychologically it would really affect Arsenal if Man City turn over and lead them. Especially when you look at Liverpool beating Brighton at home because they will have a lead over Arsenal as well. I think it will be difficult for Arsenal to come back.”

Currently, Arsenal is top of the table with 64 points. level with Liverpool, with only a goal difference. While Manchester City is in third place with 63 points.