Liverpool wage bill increases by £30m after returning to the Champions League.

Liverpool are set to face a £30m increase in their first-team wage bill after re-qualifying for the Champions League.

The Merseyside club failed to win the Premier League title this season. But are back in the Champions League for 2024-25 with a top-four finish guaranteed.

The Reds’ return to major European competition will trigger contractual clauses that will see wage increases set in advance.UFABET 

It is understood that some first-team contracts do not include Champions League football clauses. But most of the squad will see their wages rise by 10-15 per cent as a result of finishing in the top four.

The Anfield wage bill has risen to £373m for the 2022-23 season. A season in which Liverpool will play in the Champions League.

The Reds will take part in a new Champions League format next season. Which will feature 36 teams competing in a league format before progressing to the knockout stages.

The prize money the clubs receive for their participation would easily cover their wage increases. With Liverpool expected to pocket at least £40m for Champions League qualification.

The Reds reportedly earned £106m when they last reached the final in 2022.

Liverpool’s wage bill is set to surge by £54m when the 2021/22 financial accounts are published after the club engaged a number of key players on new contracts.