Martial if he leaves Manchester United after the season ends.

Martial if he leaves Manchester United after the season ends.

  • Anthony Martial set to leave Manchester United at the end of the season
  • This player has not signed a new contract with the “Red Devils”.
  • Olympique Lyon has a chance to get this player to join the team.

Jonathan Johnson has express his opinion that Anthony Martial, the French striker of Manchester United, the giant club of the English Premier League, ufabet has a chance. Return to play in his hometown with Olympique Lyonnais. If he does not renew his contract with the “Red Devils” after the season ends.

Johnson said: “It has long been speculated

That Anthony Martial will leave Manchester United on a free transfer this summer. And his career seems to be at a crossroads.”

“But clearly the expectation. When he steps up from Lyon, he can return there. And rebuilding his career with one of the best clubs in Europe and Ligue 1. It will interesting to see if Lyon makes a move for him.

“When you look at the number of players that have grown up. And they brought it back to the previous team. I give the example of players like Alexandre Lacazette, who returned to play with Lyon for the second time.”

The 28-year-old French striker was once a youngster. Who grew up in the youth team of Lyon, then moved to play with Monaco and then Manchester United until the present.