Who should England starting right-back at Euro 2024

Who should England starting right-back at Euro 2024.

  • Jamie Carragher has released his analysis of the starting right-back position for the England national team.
  • There are many players who could be options for Gareth Southgate in the middle of this year.
  • But many people still face injury problems today.

Jamie Carragher, former defender of Liverpool a giant club in the Premier League, has expressed his opinion that Newcastle United captain Kieran Trippier. Should the first choice in the right-back position. for the England national team

 Leading sports media outlet, saying: “Right, Ben White is the fourth or fifth choice, to honest. He is no better than Trent Alexander-Arnold, Kyle Walker, Reece James or Trippier. ”

“The first thing for White is he’s not going to play สมัคร ufabet for England. And he didn’t even play as a centre-back for the club, so he probably thought he could relax. and is fully committed to playing in the right-back position for Arsenal.”

“however If we’re talking about two or three moments ago Not only in the last six months Trippier had a bad three or four months, but over the last two or three years he’s been a great player and quite a complete England player.

For England, under manager Gareth Southgate, there are many right-back options available but most are injured. Which is not clear until now. Who will be the main players in Euro 2024 this summer?