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Benefits of almonds.

Almonds belong to the same family as prunes. Scientific name: Prunus amygdalus (Prunus dulcis) is a plant native to the Middle East. South Asia and North Africa It is a perennial plant with a height of about 390-990 cm. The fruit of almonds is a single fruit, similar

The safety of consuming salmon

Salmon is a sea fish that people around the world like to eat. With delicious taste and rich in good fats. It is also known as a fish that is beneficial to the body, nourishing health, good for the cardiovascular system. and may be able to prevent some

Benefits of oranges.

In addition to the Benefits of oranges. Or squeezed into orange juice will help quench thirst. Helps to add freshness to the body make the body feel rejuvenated Oranges also have many Benefits of oranges :  Help build collagen within the body. Help slow down the aging of wrinkles. Orange