Age is just a number Robert Marchand

Age is just a number Robert Marchand, 106-year-old world record holder for cyclists. Who would have thought that .. 106 years old will still be the age that can cycle normally like a youth. But for Grandfather Robert Marchand (Robert Mac Jean) . I must say that the fun of cycling begins at an old age. And until now, Grandfather Robert was 107 years old. Butabove all, you still strive to practice in order to be prepared to compete in cycling. Let’s go follow the story of this grandfather.

Originally, this French grandfather had a period of life no different from other children.

 Is to have a dream and have a favorite sport Riding a bicycle, which, at the age of 14, Grandfather Roberto bought the first bike for himself. By purchasing that time in order to be used to compete But then at that race there were rules that Contestants must be 15 years or older only. Causing grandfather to have to lie his own name and surname. By saying that he was 15 years old in order to compete in that list and from the first race Grandpa then won the ufabet championship.

Robert Marchand, 106-year-old world record
Even though the path of the grandfather’s cyclist looks bright But with his height of 152 centimeters.

He was rejected in the path of a professional cyclist because he was too small. From then on, Grandfather Robert spent his life working on a number of paths. Including farming, firefighters, selling wine and selling shoes. Until more than 50 years have passed, Grandfather Roberto aged 67 years can not stand the call of his own mind. Therefore decided to buy a new bike in order to be able to ride, practice and compete again With Grandfather Roberto again serious at the age of 89.

Despite being 89 years old, Grandpa proved to everyone that “Age is just a number”

With a cross-town cycling race that has a total distance of more than 600 kilometers. It can be completed in 36 hours only !! Moreover, when Grandpa turned 105 years old. He was able to be remembered by the whole world by setting a new face in cycling. By cycling a distance of 22.547 kilometers in an hour !!! Makes it implicitly the world record holder for cyclists aged 100+. And of course, this grandfather Roberto turns 107 years old, but still told the media that he will not stop cycling. It also has the goal of breaking your own record that you have achieved.