Why do runners have back pain?

Why do runners have back pain? When it comes to runner injuries We tend to focus on injuries to the knee, shin, foot and hip. Few of us think of a back injury. Which is a condition that is not common among long distance runners But there are also some runners who have back pain. Especially runners who are just starting to play sports.

Why do runners have back pain

Causes of runner’s back pain

Jean-Francois Esculier, runner, physical therapist And clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia. Explain the causes of back pain in runners and how to do this as follows.

Most runners’ back pain occurs in the lower back. But the cause is often from daily life, so more movement during the day. Sitting less in place for longer can help prevent back pain.

But there are instances where running can cause back pain. There are two most common causes of back pain in runners:

Why do runners have back pain
  1. Increasing the running speed that is too fast
  2. Increasing the amount of running downhill that is too fast

Both of these things make the spine more stretched while running. And running downhill will have a greater impact on the lower back For runners who increase their workout speed too much Or running downhill too fast. This can cause some of the joints in the back to be disrupted, causing back pain. But it usually only happens in the short term. And not too worrying

How to treat runner’s back pain

However, if you feel pain in your back while running You should take a break for a few days, or you can take a walk first. When your back pain starts to feel better. Therefore began to run slowly Alternating with walking on the flat ground To limit the movement and impact of the back muscles Then gradually Level up until you can resume your sprint or go up and down the hill without pain.

The duration of recovery from back pain depends on the individual’s body. Some people recover relatively quickly. While some may take a long time Which way to help recover faster is “Physical movement” is not sitting or lying still.

If there is frequent back pain Walking adjustments such as short steps are recommended. Try to run smoother And reduce the occurrence of shocks as much as possible Or maybe replace running shoes with less cushioning.

The best way for runners to avoid back pain is Sitting less And move more throughout the day You should also practice strength training with a focus on your torso and hips. If you are a beginner runner or want to increase your running training distance. Keep practicing gradually. To allow the body time to adjust to the increased ufabet training volume. This is to ensure safety and reduce the chance of injury from running.